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Purpose And Use

ArabianAutoParts.com does not buy or sell parts. It connects people who look for spare parts with auto salvage yards, companies, trading auto parts and auto parts shops which registered in our website. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and suppliers, as we operate simply as an information exchange. Users of ArabianAutoParts.com agree to hold us harmless from and against any and all liability or responsibility with respect to any such transactions, and any disputes that may arise with respect to them.

How it works

If you need spare parts:

  1. You fill in the request form, where you select year, make, model, necessary part details as well as your contact information.
  2. Your request is put in our database where registered vendors will see your request.
  3. Vendors which have requested part will contact you with pricing details, delivery options. You decide which offer to accept.
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Use ArabianAutoParts.com to submit part request

  1. User is not allowed to submit same part request using different contact information
  2. Requests could be deleted by administrator if they do not meet requirements in this document
  3. When user submits part request:
    a. User agrees to share his/her personal and vehicle information with ArabianAutoParts.com and agrees ArabianAutoParts.com to share the information with companies registered in ArabianAutoParts.com
    b. User must provide correct information about vehicle
    c. User must provide as much as possible real information about vehicle
    d. User must provide correct contact information
  4. When user submit part request he/she is NOT allowed:
    a. Send advertisement through the part request form
    b. Provide not correct contact information
  5. ArabianAutoParts.com reserves the right to delete part requests

Use ArabianAutoParts.com as Company

  1. When website user registers as company user (seller) he/she must provide real contact information about the company including full address, phones, email, and website.
  2. ArabianAutoParts.com reviews register application and might approve or reject the application
  3. When reviewing spare part requests seller must:
    a. Follow rules in this document
    b. Keep information about part requests and people who submitted confidential
    c. Contact people who submitted part requests with price and shipping details
    d. Be polite
  4. When reviewing spare part requests seller is not allowed:
    a. Send advertisements
    b. Enable auto reply
    c. Extract, collect, spread contact information and part requests
    d. Use programming scripts to collect data from the control panel
  5. ArabianAutoParts.com reserves the right to deactivate sellers account

ArabianAutoParts.com is NOT responsible for quality of services provided by vendors and buyers.

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Choose the best offer.

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